Introduction to Fire Doors & Third Party Accreditation Course CPD

The BWF “Introduction to Fire Doors” CPD (Continuing Professional Development) provides critical knowledge and guidance for all levels of the critical chain of supply, including specifiers, manufacturers, contractors and installers etc., about Fire Doors. The presentation has been accredited by the Construction CPD Accreditation Service to put towards your requirement for your professional institute.

The seminar aims to provide a basic introduction to third party certification of fire doors, what certification is and why it matters, why it is important to understand the rules and regulations surrounding fire doors and what to look for when checking fire doors.

The 2½ hour seminar, for which there is a charge, includes:

  • An introduction to Fire Doors
  • Introduction to third party certification and accreditation of fire doors, including BWF Fire Door Alliance Scheme
  • The Rules and Regulations surrounding fire doors including who is responsible
  • Component compatibility and maintaining certification
  • Getting it right and the consequences for getting it wrong
  • The responsibility and management of fire doors
  • Case studies to illustrate core themes and additional guidance for follow up after the course


For more information on the delivery of this CPD, click on this link or contact the BWF on 0207 637 2646 or email